BrainBoard “FLAPPIE”

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– With the help of its snout or paws, the dog can move the platelets or chopsticks and thus receives the reward
– the dog is mentally challenged by the BrainBoard

 ø 25 cm
Product information “BrainBoard” FLAPPIE “”
With the Nobby intelligence toy BrainBoard, your dog is mentally challenged and occupied. It can therefore help your dog to be more balanced and satisfied. Through the playful development of treats, your dog will experience small successes over and over again, which encourage them to play again. At the beginning, support your dog by hiding the treats in front of his eyes in the BrainBoard and then showing him how to get it. After a short time, your dog will discover the treats on its own. The BrainBoard “Flappie” is made of robust plastic. With the help of its snout or paws, the dog can fold down the lid and thus receives the reward. To create variety, you can always fill different compartments. This BrainBoard is equipped with rubber feet on the underside, which ensure good stability.